Workshop Date: 30th Jan 2013 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM IST |

During the Conference a special workshop will be held that relates to the central theme of the event. The workshop is funded by a British Academy grant, under the International Partnership and Mobility scheme, which was awarded to Professor David Chalcraft (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Dexter Maben (Co-Applicant).  The funding meets the costs of the workshop and the travel costs of 8 delegates from within India.  Overall the project is funded for three years and explores the role of context in affecting the vocation of the biblical scholar and the interpretation of the Bible in various social settings. In the first two years the project explores these issues through a comparison of history, experience and practice of biblical studies in the UK (Sheffield) and India (Bangalore). In the 3rd year of the project the findings and the tools developed will be shared with colleagues from further afield in South East Asia, namely, Burma and Malaysia, to test their generalizability.  A key focus, once the concepts of context and vocation are better understood, is on the development of appropriate methodological and ethnographic skills in biblical studies to enable the biblical scholar to empirically engage with ‘real readers’ of the biblical texts in ‘real settings’.  In these ways our understanding of the role of context in the practice of biblical studies will advance and contribute to ‘fair trade’ in global biblical interpretation.

During the conference, the British Academy project will be introduced, and Professor David Chalcraft and Professor Hugh Pyper, of the department of biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield, in the company of invited delegates from various parts of India,  will discuss whether there is a ‘Western Biblical Studies’ (and by implication whether there is an alternative ‘ non Western’ approach) and what impact post-colonialism might have on that paradigm.  In particular, the conceptualization of context and its constituents will be explored, alongside discussion of how reading the Bible is impacted by context.

* Workshop limited to EIGHT delegates attending the conference.


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